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코리센 LED 보안등 CCTV

Through using excellent heat dissipation engine, CCTV can be embedded in LED light.
Our 2 in 1 LED SECURITY LIGHT CCTV product can solve the security issues that have to existing install two equipment CCTV and Light. And embedded CCTV can reduce resistance from surveillance. Sleek design is in harmony with the surrounding landscape, reliability and affordability is maximized.


Desc Unit Model
Power Consumption w 30 40 50 60
SMPS Efficiency % 90
Power Factor >0.95
SMPS Efficiency % 90
Total Luminance Flux lm 3,527 4,610 5,610 6,495
Luminance Efficiency lm/w 117 115 112 108
Color Temperature K 5,500~6,500
WiFi AP 802.11
Camera IP Camera, 1080p(1920X1080)@30fps, HD-SDI
Photo Sensor ANSI C136.10/ 24v 7Ah / IP67
Dimension mm 547.5*223.5*158.5
Life Span hrs 50,000

- Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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