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  • As the wall of time and space collapsed due to the continuous expansion of global trade and the innovative development of scientific technology, the world has become a global town going beyond globalization. Such increase in global trade and technological innovation of information has been solidified by multi-national companies and has transformed countries over the world into a composition of a global town that is linked closely of production, marketing, joint venture, strategic alliance etc.
  • Therefore, numerous global IT companies have already adopted and utilized global resourcing strategy that wins and executes global projects. The core of the 21st century is the global resource utilization through global resourcing. We all know that an adequate utilization of the global resource is the only way to survive the 21st century.

  • The strategy of utilizing global resource starts from the partnership with local companies. As the expansion of multi-national companies and extraction of global economy are getting mutually linked together, we should become a leader of global resourcing that has the competitive ability and competitiveness all throughout the globe.
  • From the employees of the Korecen Co., Ltd.